Nick Watt is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter based in Brooklyn. His lyric-driven songs tell stories of people from many walks of life. With musical stylings that draw on blues from his native St. Louis to the jazz of his current home of New York, he creates grooves that support the songs’ narratives.

Nick’s songwriting celebrates the complicated nature of the human condition and views it – even the messier bits - as something to be embraced rather than to be fought.  The title of his upcoming first full album “Don’t Blame the Mirror” (2021) is part of a quote by 19th century Russian writer Nikolai Gogol that goes “Don’t blame the mirror if your face is askew.” The characters in the songs run the gamut: they try and fail, execute and hesitate, rebel and conform, become numb and fall in love.

Nick released his first EP “Where Serious People Joke” in 2012 during a three-year stint of living in St. Petersburg, Russia. After moving to New York in 2015, he released two more five-track collections: “Alpha Beta Polis” in 2016 and “Elephant Wondering” in 2019. Around this time of playing in venues around New York, he met fellow songwriter Melody Stolpp and the two formed what became alt-country pop band Sweetbreads. Nick performs his songs and collaborates with other musicians in the New York City area.



Brooklyn, NY



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